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                     A DIFFERENT APPROACH

Oklahoma Health Care Association is a workers' compensation self-insurance group established in 1989 to provide superior value and service to health care providers in Oklahoma.

Our MISSION is to provide Workers' Compensation at cost for all of Oklahoma's rural hospitals and to help ensure a consistent market during all market cycles.  We are governed by a Member Board of Directors,
comprised exclusively of hospital administrators, who provide strong
leadership for the OHCA.

For more information about Workers' Compensation in the State of Oklahoma,
please go to the Oklahoma Workers' Compensation Commission website at: www.ok.gov/wcc

For Information about becoming a Member of Oklahoma Health Care Association.
E-Mail:  Barney Welch at:  bwelch@aui-ok.com
Oklahoma Health Care
Association:  OHCA
A Workers' Compensation Program
for Oklahoma Health Care Providers